Ultimate endurance and efficiency for your AEG gearbox



When increasing your AEGs FPS or ROF you undoubtedly increase the workload on your gearbox, putting extra stress and / or higher wear into your gear bushings.

These precision machined bushings turned from phosfor bronze billet are matched to each individual gear axle and gearbox casing for perfect tolerances every time.


Phosfor bronze is an extremely high quality material that is self lubricating and has a very low coefficient of friction, making it perfectly suited to high load, plain bearing use.

These bushings are made as ‘blanks’ that are then honed to match the gearset and gearbox casing you provide us. As such they are only available in house when installed by ourselves.


Built into a gearbox these bushings offer the lowest resistance available with such durability, leading to better energy transfer from motor to piston, less noise, longer battery life and higher ROF. The perfect compliment for any high end build.

Available for all TM Recoils & AEG gearbox versions except V6.

PURCHASE: SixG SUPER BUSHINGS, ALL £50, please email us with your requirements.

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