Boost the range and accuracy of your Marui GBBR

Our SixG SUPER NUB is the best bang for buck upgrade available for the MWS range.


This precision machined nub is a drop-in upgrade for TM’s GBBR range.

Expect increased range, tighter groupings and better shot consistency.

In standard form the hop unit struggles to lift more than 0.28g BBs and although the performance of these RIFs is excellent out-of-the-box, big gains in range and accuracy can be had from this upgrade part.

This nub allows you to use much heavier weight BBs which is another great upgrade for this range of RIFs, being best suited to field work where their distanced shooting ability can really shine. See below for recommended BB weights.

Which bucking should I use with the SixG SUPER NUB?

We have thoroughly tested this nub in conjunction with a large range of aftermarket buckings, but to date the best results have come from a standard TM bucking, or the Modify TAN bucking.

All other buckings tested to date – June 2018 – are a downgrade and will reduce the accuracy and consistency of the MWS.

Please note access to the hop unit is a little involved on the MWS, requiring the whole outer barrel assembly to be removed from the upper receiver to allow fitment of the nub.

TM GBBR suggested BB weight VS feet per second

  • 300 FPS / 0.28g
  • 325 FPS / 0.30g
  • 350 FPS / 0.32g
  • 375 FPS / 0.36g
  • 400 FPS / 0.40g

To fit the following models;

  • Marui GBBR – CQBR / BLOCK 1 MWS
  • Marui GBBR – M4 MWS
  • Marui GBBR – M4A1 Carbine
  • Marui GBBR – MTR16

HOW TO PURCHASE: SixG SUPER NUB £16.50 including UK mainland delivery, please email us with your order.

Apologies to all SixG customers, we have had to put the price up slightly to allow us to provide better packaging for delivery purposes, this has been necessary due to the number of Super Nubs that have been undelivered due to postal sorting machines spitting them out – despite our best efforts. Regards.

10 thoughts on “SixG SUPER NUB for Marui GBBR

  1. Love mine! Best mws buy for the money

    Liked by 1 person

  2. James simpson Jul 9, 2018 — 12:08 pm

    Best upgrade you can buy for the mws for such a small price.
    Top quality product must buy for any mws owner.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Easily the best value for money upgrade for the MWS/MTR platform, thanks Dave – John R


  4. So the quailty of of the finish is impeccable, it fits perfectly. It’s ability to hop BB’s is amazing. When people state that this is the best accuracy upgrade for the mws platform they are 100% correct.
    Thank you SixG!!


  5. Been testing mine for a bit on a fairly stock gun and I’ve noticed a Substantial increase in accuracy.


  6. Are they still around, have been contacting them but they arent responding


    1. Hello Joe, yes we are still up and running.
      As an enthusiast venture please allow more than 3 days for a response, especially over a weekend!
      Regards, Dave@SixG


  7. Hello, I have sent an email about a week and a half ago and received no reply. Please advise what I should do next. Thanks


    1. Hello, apologies for closure of late, we are however now back up and running at full steam. Best, Dave@SixG


  8. Dave‘s nub is the one „end to all upgrades“ if you’re a mws owner or plan on purchasing one. If you’re planning on using bb‘s heavier than 0,28 (which imho is the only way of unfolding the mws‘ true potential), get the nub, leave EVERYTHING else the way it is. Makes the fairly hefty investment of buying a gbbr (mags ect) the cheapest gun you ever owned in the long run.
    Using 0,32s and asg ultrair gas, the mws hits man sized targets out to 70m with a near flat trajectory.
    Great to have enthusiasts that provide those hand made smart products as a support to the community.
    Keep on smithing!


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